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The Inauguration Ceremony  

The inauguration ceremony for the new sections of the Centre for Culture and Ecology in Santa Catarina Quiané was held on March 8, much to the excitement of the residents and the students involved in building this remarkable social project. Attending the event were the Quiané authorities, professors and students from Munich University of Applied Sciences and Universidad La Salle, Oaxaca, residents of Quiané and numerous guests, all delighted to be witnessing the completion of construction work and launch of the Centre’s operations. 

The celebrations included a wonderful demonstration of Mexican traditions, with comparsas putting on colourful dance performances to the rhythmic sounds of the local band (mainly made up of children and young people from Quiané). Mezcal, known as the drink of the Oaxacan gods, was of course available in generous quantities. 

More great memories were made as the party continued into the night, with lots of hugs, photos, dancing, and everyone enjoying the sense of kinship engendered through coming together for the common good. I am so grateful to have been a part of the project on this end, and to have played a role in such an enriching undertaking. 

Grace Chiriboga Ramirez 

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